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   Islahi Centers

Islahi Centers are set up outside Kerala and abroad especially in Gulf region with an objective to follow and propagate the true message of Islam among the resident/expatriate Muslim community in these regions. The organizational affiliation of most of the Islahi Centers is with Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM). This close association with KNM and Kerala Jam Iyyathul Ulema (KJU) has helped Islahi Centers in Arab countries to stick to the path of the Salafs (Salafi Manahj) for understanding and propagating Islam.

History of Islahi Centers

It 1970s the fortune seeking Keralites, especially those who were unemployed, immigrated to Gulf countries in large numbers. Even before '70s Keralites from North Malabar had started taking up menial jobs in Saudi Arabia and some Emirates. However, it was probably after oil started showing its power in building up Gulf countries that professionally and technically qualified people of Kerala immigrated in large numbers to the oil-rich countries. Engineers, doctors, accountants, paramedical staff, skilled laborers such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, drivers, operators and teachers were the prominent people participating in this massive exodus!

Once they reached the land of their dreams and expectations, they realized that the expatriate community was a mix of varying faiths and religious understanding. Majority of the Muslims immigrated was under the influence of the Muslim priest hood. Even after entering the land of revelation, the land of Prophet (SA), many Muslims indulged in un-Islamic practices such as Tawassul, Isthigaza, Moulid and such other practices. Most of the Muslim brothers followed these practices since they were born and brought up in such families. They didn't have the opportunity to get exposed to the revivalist movements in Kerala led by KNM and KJU. They didn't realize the vibrations raised in the religious, educational, and social areas by the Salafi movement in Kerala. They just followed what they knew from childhood, what their parents practiced.

The beginnings of Islahi Centers can be traced back to the times when KNM leaders visited Qatar back in 1970s. to the visit of A.P.Abdul Kader Moulavi to Qatar, in the year 1972.


'Islah' in Arabic means purification of minds. It is the vision and mission of all Islahi Centers. The raison de etre of all Islahi Centers in India and abroad is this.

The main objective of Islahi centers is to propagate ‘Touhid’ (Islamic monotheism), emphasizing the potential dangers behind 'Shirk' (polytheism) in this world and hereafter. The importance of holding fast to Prophet's Sunnah (traditions) and to discarding Bida' (innovations) are stressed. The expatriate community is continuously made aware of the perils of superstitions and ritualistic practices borrowed from other religions. Islahi centers organize activities that endeavor to achieve the above goals. To organize vivid charitable and relief activities to render help to the poor and needy people.

Objectives of Jeddah Indian Islahi Centre (JIIC) are not different from that of the Islahi Movement in Kerala. The very term “Islah” means purification, and that is what exactly the Islahi Movement stands for. It is striving to purify Muslim society from un-Islamic deeds and social evils, and to make awareness among the Muslim society about the deviation from the fundamental principles of Islam, to uplift the society from the spiritual and the cultural deterioration, to formalize the traditional religious education system, and to promote modern education among Muslims in Kerala. Islahi Movement observes its first and foremost responsibility in presenting Allah’s message in its original form (Da’wa), services to the fellow human beings come next.

Jeddah Indian Islahi Centre has several wings including Da’awa, Niche of Truth, Relief , Publications , Press and Information, Hajj & Umra, Audio Visual, Public Relations, Education & Career Guidance, Zakat Cell, and Quran Learning School.
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